2015 Productions

Bigfoot_lodge.jpgFour on the Floor is working on five productions in 2015.

Elemental is an amazing evening outdoor spectacle including puppetry, soundscapes, fire dancers, acrobatics, dancers and singers. This year's production will be on August 21 in the Creamery District.

The Creamery Festival is three days of entertainment with a circus, booths, music, theater pieces and fun for the whole family.  This year's Creamery Festival is August 21-23.

Club Shampoo is a fun-filled cabaret that will show in September 2015.

Echos of War is a major production with intensive historical research, interviews of war veterans and a live radio broadcast of the show.  Currently in the research phase, Echoes of War will show in November 2015.

Bigfoot Lodge Holiday Show is a crazy show filled with singing, dancing and zany entertainment.  Showing the first two weeks of December 2015.

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