Crawdaddy's Odditorium

STAGE-Crawdaddy-vertical_copy.jpgCrawdaddy’s Odditorium is an ensemble creation, hatched by a 12-person international group of artists hailing from Canada, the USA, Belgium, and Czech Republic. The show runs 70 minutes and is loosely inspired by the real life story of Grady Stiles, the "Lobster Boy", who murdered the lover of his "normal" daughter and got away with it, only to then be murdered by his family via a hit man in 1992. 

The play explores the soul of the outsider and exposes humanity's curiosity and discrimination toward those who are different, and demonstrates the transformative power of performance. It investigates our universal ability to achieve the
greatest heights and deepest depths of the human soul, no matter our physical differences. Scrutinizing the drive within each of us to be extraordinary people doing extraordinary things, Crawdaddy delves into how that drive manifests for those who are simply born extraordinary. It questions society's current desire for perfection.

- Crawdaddy’s Odditorium was last performed January 15 -17, 2009 at the Arcata Playhouse in Arcata, California, and January 23-26, 2009 at the Calgary International Festival of Animated Objects.

Here is a short video with excerpts from Crawdaddy's Odditorium  

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