Puppet Slam

puppet_slam.jpgPuppets are not just for  kids in this anything goes two night event of puppet mayhem. A gathering of local, Canadian and Portland puppeteers will storm the stage at the Arcata Playhouse for the third annual Professor Willikers' Grand Puppet Slam, a two night adult puppetry performance event.

Presented in a cabaret format with live music by Tim Gray and Marla Joy, the evening is hosted by the indestructible puppet, Professor LV Willikers and the uncompromising Bobby Burns and features special guests and sets by Lush Newton and James Hildebrant. The performing roster includes local puppeteers David Ferney, Mark Dupre, Issac Bluefoot, Sean Powers and Black Cat Shadows as well as special guest performances by Canadians Mookie Cornish and Xstine Cook and Portland puppet company Teatro Calamari. Recommended for adult audiences the show promises a wild ride through a variety of different puppet styles and performers.

shadow_puppet_slam.jpgThe performances are sponsored by Playhouse Arts and the Puppet Slam Network which is a national network of short form puppetry performance www.puppetslam.com. "The Puppet Slam Network is a great resource with over 50 Slams across the country and in Puerto Rico and Canada represented. We are excited to be part of the nationwide fun."  said Playhouse Puppet Slam producer and performer, David Ferney. "The slam is always a blast and loved by audiences."  added Ferney.

- The Puppet Slam was last performed on March 22, 2014 at the Arcata Playhouse.

Here's a short video of Professor Willikers form the Puppet Slam on February 10 and 11, 2012:

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