Women of the Northwest

actors_women_of_nw.jpgWomen of the Pacific Northwest is an investigation into the rich history of women in our county. Spearheaded by Jackie Dandeneau, the goal of the project is to illuminate historic women who formed our county and how they affect us today. The hope of the project is that by giving our community the chance to hear about women that have gone before us, we will embrace our history giving us a greater understanding of who we are today.

jackie_women_of_the_nw.jpgBeginning in January, 2012 researchers amassed information on historical women, talking with women who have lived locally their whole lives, whose families have been here the last 100 years, who have stories to share. We have learned about emancipation and the rural man, about outstanding female Olympians, pilots, photographers, writers, farmers, healers and activists in Humboldt County. We have made connections with the Native Women's Collective, the Wahnika's, the Soroptomists, the League of Women Voters and many others.

runner_women_of_the_nw.jpgThe show is a funny and touching, informative and silly. Women of the Northwest features live music - some original and some from the time period. The lead researchers are Edith Butler and Tammy Rae Scott. The cast members are, Jackie Dandeneau, Siena Nelson, Ali Freedlund, Laura Munoz, Dharla Curry, Jill Petricca, Julie Froblom, Jan Bramlett, Rebecca Zettler-Mann, Julie Clarke, Tammy Rae Scott and others.  

Women of the Pacific Northwest has been made possible through a Community Stories Grant from the California Council for the Humanities, a division of the National Council for the Humanities, as well as the Humboldt Area Foundation and the Tracey Memorial Fund.

- The Women of the Northwest was last performed on January 11-13, 2013 at the Arcata Playhouse, 1251 9th Street, Arcata, CA.

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